Repositorion Depositorion

27 jan - 18 feb 2018

Repositorion Depositorion

Bob Smit Gallery and Concepts presents “Repositorion Depositorion”, an exhibition with two Belgian artists: Lode Laperre and Anne Marie Laureys. Two artists that utilize their unique visual language and instinct to formulate a tangible expression of emotion.

Artist Lode Laperre incorporates a philosophical and physical layering in his work. In his provoking compositions he expresses emotions, and a desire for beauty, by conceptually referencing to Eastern spirituality and Western art history. His abstract paintings have a rich texture that is the result of many layers of paint that blend in natural harmony into a new and unique whole. By deliberately creating craquelures on the surface, the layering becomes more visible. Through the technique of craquelures, Laperre also insinuates a sense of passing time and vulnerability in paintings. He creates painterly wrinkles, wrinkles that indicate the time that left its mark – the beauty of transience.

Ceramicist Anne Marie Laureys also calls her works the metaphors of feeling. Laureys mainly works with clay. She plays with its physical properties and materiality, while instinctively shaping the clay on the basis of her sensual response to the medium. In result, she makes unique tactile sculptures that emphasize sensuality, and the flexibility of clay. She freezes the essence of the malleable clay, and it’s traces of movement. The evoking and seductive works invite you to touch, grope, caress and feel.

The creative process is an intimate affair for both artists. They are both guided by their instincts. While Laperre is guided by colors, Laureys is guided by her sensual interaction with the material.

Visually, the artworks fit together nicely. The soft sensual curves of Laureys ceramics and the robust yet fragile structures of Laperre's paintings complement each other. The red line in this exhibition is the emotion hidden in the artworks.