My work as an Art Consultant and Curator is based on a passion for art and a great admiration for what artists create. I want to help them show their work, promote and give it a place.

By having been a gallery owner, organizer, curator and Art Fair owner in recent years. I have created large network of artists / gallery owners / collectors and other art professionals such as: curators, museum directors, policy makers and art critics.

As initiator / organizer / owner of the Art Fairs RAW Art Fair / RC Art Fair / RAW Expo / NO WALLS expo the past years and as curator of the contemporary art at North Sea Jazz festival since 2013 I know very well how to set up larger projects and manage them.

As an Art consultant and curator I no longer need a permanent exhibition space, as I had since 2010 until July 2018, when I had a Bob Smit gallery in Rotterdam.

In the coming years I will work from Kortgene (Zeeland) with a permanent group of freelancers.

I will help the artist directly from out their studios getting the works a right place, at private companies and institutions. I will show and present the artists at Dutch and International Art Fairs.


Art Consultant artists

Advising / guiding artists:

  • Develop a vision
  • Show work
  • To promote
  • Sell ‚Äč‚Äčtheir work

Representative / manager of Artists:

  • Presentation at art fairs
  • Making exhibitions
  • Promote work
  • Planning / logistics
  • Making publications
  • mediate in sales
  • mediate / supervise assignments

Art Consultant Collectors (large, small or starting), companies and institutions

  • Mediate purchases / sales
  • Assignment / Visits of art fairs and studios
  • Project management
  • Guide with setting up a collection
  • Art Handeling
    • Packing up
    • Coordination transport / storage
    • Placement / hanging work


As a freelance curator I work for institutions, festivals, companies, collectors or artists. To make large or small exhibitions for longer or a short presentations. The Netherlands is where most projects take place, but I do also do things outside of the Netherlands. No location is too difficult (everything is possible).


+31 6 24876594


Hoofdstraat 21
4484 CA Kortgene